Speed violation

i always get a warning about speed after 350 knots, but in the map i see other flight in 450 knots. How can i get to 450 knots without getting a violation

grade 2

The speed you are looking at is GS β†’ Ground Speed. There are 2 different speeds of which one is IAS β†’ Indicated Airspeed and GS β†’ Ground speed.

The maximum airspeed is around 340 KIAS and when exceeding that speed you will get a warning before being issued a speed violation.


To add on to this above a certain altitude I believe it’s 28000 ft the max speed starts to decrease

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You are correct! your ground speed will increase though so you still speed up but you IAS (indicated air speed) will drop because there is less oxygen higher up.

And remember, the higher you go, the lower the number is. For example, at FL300, the max IAS might be 320kts. But at FL400, it might only be 275kts. Keep an eye on you IAS indicator on the left side of your HUD and you will see the red line come in to view as you climb and speed up. If you go into the red, you are susceptible to getting speed violations.

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