Speed Violation

I was given three speed violations for one overspeed event. I couldn’t do anything about rectifying the problem because I was away from the device. Screenshots included


It’s definitely not fun getting them, but it’s perfectly normal :)
One single event doesn’t necessarily mean one violation. If the event is ongoing, you’ll receive additional violations.

First you get a warning for 40 seconds, and then the first violation occurs. 40 seconds later, the 2nd and 40 additional seconds later, the 3rd which will also disconnect you from the session to avoid limiting server access for one occurrence.


Thank you. I have been at this a while, but it was a little shocking because I have tried to keep my record pristine. “You live, you learn, you grow.”

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It’s close to impossible keeping it clean. One just has to live with them :)
I’m personally not bothered as long as my own are below 3-digits!

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