Speed Violation?

I’ve been cruising a 32000 FT all night at around 85 M and suddenly I woke up to 3 speeding violations??? This was nowhere near the overspeed condition but yet somehow it happened? Why is the system bound to give us overspeed violations in the first place, why can’t it just automatically prevent it especially when users are away?? Its extremely frustrating to take on these long flights only to wake up thinking you’ve made progress and the system booted you out the server. Can a mod undo this or something because if I get one more violation (someway somehow) I lose my Grade which I’ve been working towards for months and pushed all the way down to casual…

Were you descending or cruising when you got it?

Cruising at 32000 FT.

Interesting, you had autothrottle on mach. 85?

Yes, throughout the duration of the flight.

I don’t know how you got that violation then, weird.

No clue either and the even weirder part, I was supposed to land in less than an hour and while cruising at that same speed, the ETE got increased to 2 hours.

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Have you reviewed your replay from the time where the violations occurred? There’s usually a reasonable explanation there :)

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There were winds but usually when there’s turbulence ingame, the speed normally goes up and down, not just shoot straight up and stay there…

What aircraft were you flying, @Flying_Ryan?

A350-900, I was doing a route from FIMR to EGLL and the received the violations over Italy.

If you feel like you got the violations for something that was the games fault and not because of your flying you can send a message including your replay to the appeals group and they will take a look at it.
Note: Level 1 violations are only getting removed if it was an issue caused by the game.


Yeah, an A359 should be able to handle M0.85. It was most likely due to some weird wind gusts, but follow what @NJ24 said if you want to try getting them removed. Wish you the best of luck :)

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Okay, thank you.

Where and at what time did this occur?

You probably lost fuel and the descent rate made you go faster? That’s my guess 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Man if you do it like me, always put it on the VNAV during the flight when is time for you to go to descent it will be automatically. You have to calculate the time of tour landing 30 minoior ou

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