Speed violation

In some airports, speed limit is 230, 220. Altitude 11000, 9000, 7000 maybe. 250 knots under 10000 feet should be different at different airports and countries.

No 250kts@FL100 is how it is IRL - so this won’t be changed.

Speed restrictions on individual SIDS and STARS are not violation worthy as in Infinite Flight, the pilot may not want to have to follow them.

Obviously IRL, pilots have to follow these restrictions unless otherwise instructed by ATC.

some airports do not have 250 knots 10000 feet rule. I always see some planes in real life not following the rule

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Thats because they are heavy aircraft and they have explicit permission by ATC to go faster than 250kts.

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I think what he’s asking is for it to be changed so it applies to the altitude above Ground Level (AGL) instead of the current system where it’s 10’000ft above Sea Level.

Denver for example is at around 7’000ft if I remember correctly. At the moment you can fly faster than 250kts when you’re at 3000ft AGL there. With his proposal, you’d have to be at 17’000ft ASL which is 10’000ft AGL.


That’s what it is IRL so why would we have it different.

No its at 5500ft.

good idea but I say, for MSL. Some airports always have planes not following 250 knots 10000 feet rule. In the game if you are heavy plane you still get violation

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That’s because at the moment there is no instruction for ATC to give that gives the pilot permission to go faster than 250 below 10000 - how this would be coded I have no idea.

It’s up to you the pilot to slow down in enough time.

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If I may suggest that you rephrase your feature request to specify exactly what it is that you are requesting. If we have to guess what the request actually is, it hasn’t been worded clearly enough. I’m not trying to be harsh, and please don’t take this as so, I’m just trying to understand what exactly it is you want :)

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Based on your explanation I closed this feature request for now. A feature request should be clear, understandable and as detailed as possible.

It might be true that there are airports out there where the speed restriction of 250kts below 10’000ft doesn’t apply, that’s correct. However, the speed restriction in Infinite Flight not only serves the purpose of realism. It’s also here to help our IFATC controllers to ensure that they don’t have tons of commercial jets speeding through their controlled airspace with 320kts. 😊