Speed violation

I just got 3 violations and I understand why. But after looking at the replay it says my speed was over 900 airspeed but I wasn’t getting any violations. I can live with them I just want to know what happened.

What aircraft were you in? at what altitude? and if you’re watching the replay, it shows ground speed now airspeed i believe:)

I was in the a350, 35,000 ft, I was looking in the cockpit so if it is still is ground then ok

By chance what was your mach speed?

M.94 but I was originally at 330

Your airspeed in a replay will not read the same as what you were actually flying during the live session. A few issues will need to be worked out with how the replay displays speed as its not functioning accurately.

But if you understand how you got the violation and what you need to do differently so that it doesn’t happen again, all the power to you! Recognition of one’s error is an important step in learning.


Ok thank you so much


That is the reason for your speed violations…that is wayyyyyyyyy too fast for the A350 - its cruising speed is M0.85.

Quick question: Why were you flying at M0.94?

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I think we’ve found the problem and the solution. No need to mock :)

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I wasn’t…I was just confirming with him that was his reason and asking an honest question about why he was flying that fast.

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