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The other day i was on a flight from EGLL-KDFW in real life and I was looking at my screen and it said we were going 300 mph or 260 knots at 7000 feet I was wondering if anyone agrees with me to make speed violation 250 while ascending and 265 on descent under 10000 then drop to 230 under 5000. Thoughts?

That speed was most likely in ground speed. I’ve spoken to many pilots and they say after their initial climb and cleanup at 1,000 feet, they get to 250 knots as fast as possible but never higher.

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While it is easier to speed while decending than ascending, they have this under FL100 speed limit in the real world and in IF for a reason. And on your flight IRL it was most likely measuring ground speed.

what you see on your screen is the ground speed as my sister mentioned that @Will_A

True airspeed was 256 kt

The rule is at or below 250 kts indicated airspeed. Let me shoot you this little article for you to read up on.

I stay at 240 for my descents, and 349 for cruise to avoid that pesky overspeed alarm.

This is based upon real world aviation.

At uncontrolled airports this is your choice, and you are responsible for any violations

At a controlled airport you are given a speed anyway so it doesn’t generally matter with Approach

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Very nice very nice there are many B737s with almost 349 kts airspeed/ 600kts ground speed and its so realistic! Really nice thanks for your contributions to the gameplaying experience… Yes yes you can avoid speed violation if you maintain your speed minus 1 of overspeed limit. And yes its realistic!

Here is something very useful for you to remember:


They use the 250 knots below 10,000ft in real life btw. So I think the above will do perfectly fine.

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Ok thanks guys

To add onto this, a lot of heavy aircraft - 777, 787, 747 and A380 have to seek approval to fly over the limit due to the lift required for them to get airborne. Increased speed grant’s increased lift, fighting drag and gravity.

You may see some heavy aircraft flying at 270KIAS at Air Traffic discretion.


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