speed violation

I am so confused whenever I fly I see people going almost 100 knots faster than me so I try and get up to the speed they are going and I get a violation warning so how are they going faster than me? I am so confused!

Are you over 10,000ft?

yes and the violation warning says stay under mach 0.90

You were probably looking at your airspeed and there ground speed.There is a difference

but how would the groundspeed be higher if there was a headwind

Depends on altitude also, winds vary at different altitudes.

I recommend you read the following:

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Another myth busting thread?!?

thanks this helped

@GatwickGuy well I guess not meant to be but I have so many questions!

Feel free to ask anything, we all here to learn, I was trying to add bit of humour init, :)

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