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So i read through the threads about speed violations and how they were removed. I was flying a 747 from KHOU to KDFW. I normally remain under the 350kts but I decided to give it a try and I noticed all the flights around me were over 400kts. I read that this is ground speed however these folks were arriving to the destination faster than I was. So, I was at 21000 ft and took the gamble. Wham…two violation and I noticed my stats added the violation. I am trying to understand what I did wrong. Can someone help? I really pride myself on keeping low violations and I am super bummed about this. I am no expert to this awesome game but I am someone who respects the importantance of following the rules. Are there ways to get these violations removed?


Did you by chance receive the violation warning pop up on your screen? This would’ve been your first indication to slow down.


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Yes, everything you were seeing in others speeds were ground speed. So if you were trying to match them in airspeed, you would’ve been likely way over speeding.

Suggestions for most descents are slowing as you descend and under about 14,000 to slow your airspeed down below 240kts.

As you approach your destination and areas around the airport, slow even more and make sure you’re paying attention to aircraft around you and your related ground speed

Well, their altitude will have quite a bit to do with it. Ground speed is groundspeed; 400 kts is the same speed either way, but if they were at higher altitudes they can travel at higher ground speeds without a coincidental increase in airspeed.

The airspeed limitation is absolute. And hard to miss.


You should check or think these parameters;

Ground speed
Altitude (especially mach speed)

They can be at same or less airspeed while they can fly faster than you, regarding to altitude and wind.

maybe the other pilots routes were shortcuts and they could have been ahead of you since the beginning, also wind tends to change so who knows? maybe the other pilots got more tailwind, there’s no point trying to race with other pilots if you’re doing a normal flight no need to be in hurry,.

I couldn’t slow down fast enough before I got the 2nd violation :-(

Thank you all for your replies. It sounds like I am stuck with it. I saw the red marks on air speed, I don’t want everyone to think I didn’t, I just took a previous post discussing the airspeed violations and may have gotten confused. Bummer!

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