Speed violation?

I was wondering why I got this violation, even though I was flying at 38,000 ft and going at 270kts airspeed. Thanks

What was your mach speed?

What aircraft were you using?

A340-600 Virgin Atlantic

I’m not sure, but shouldn’t the airspeed limit be the same in both units?

The red boxes indicate the point when your aircraft starts “over speeding”. This can vary depending current Mach speed, winds aloft and aircraft.

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According to your statement, you would be going over MACH 0.90 which is way too fast for an A346.

Then why should I be able to go 350kts at 25000 ft?

As you gain more altitude the red boxes move down to a lower airspeed.

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Air speed gets lower the higher you go…


I thought it was opposite

Because wind and air thickness is different at different flight levels.

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Once you cross FL280, the speed violation turns into Mach from IAS.

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Thanks for the info, will make sure not to do that again

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Fly M.82-M.86 in heavies, m.74-m.79 in non heavies