Speed Violation

I was flying in SoCal Region on final at KPSP and I received 2 speeding violations when I was flying at 138KTS not above 250KTS, also I was at 1,387MSL. This was really strange now I have 2 extra violations for nothing.

Do you have screenshots?

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Please provide device specs and app version to help us better understand what you are dealing with. Thanks!

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No no screenshots I got upset and landed and ended the flight. I was using my old Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Did you touchdown before the runway threshold? If you touch down before the runway you can get a violation because you are on the ground going 138kts.

Bottom line is that it is going to be hard to tell exactly what happened. Your best bet is to wait a few days and the violations will roll off your grade but still will stay part of your stats.

I was on final when I got the violations, at 138KTS no where close to 250+KTS

Which aircraft? I am pretty some of them have lower speed violations than 250.

ERJ-170, the point is I was at landing speed when I received the violations. Not like I was in cruise or climbing out

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Which server, cause I think I know who the controller is if it was on expert

Is it possible that you touched down just before the runway?

ATC wasn’t active during my time on Arivial.

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Am not sure which server was u flying…but in any server u should get vios at 1500 ft at ur speed…

I’m positive I didn’t land before the runway, I was like 6-8nm out still still and I’m pretty I was way above the ground cause KPSP is like 417ft ground level

I meant u should not get any vios

So I should receive a violation for being at 138KTS? That’s final approach speed.

Oh because I was like that shouldn’t be possible lol

Can u specify again if it was on Training server or Expert ?

I was flying on the Expert sever

In tht case i would tag 2 of the supervisors who would check ur stats and do the needfull…

Sure I would appreciate it. I could also live with it to be honest, I just wanted to point out the fact I got a violations for speeding when I wasn’t. I’ll be back to grade 4 in a week times.