Speed Violation while on Pause?

Hey Guys , Please Help me , I was on Flight EDDL-YPPH /WIGO Speddbird 1212 Heavy ,

Just went on descent to 11000ft , because I had a important Phonecall , i switched then in the Pause Mode on my flight an open the settings that the iPad don’t shut Down , Now I came Back and saw that I have a violation report ?? I switched from grade 5 to 3 …thats unfair :-((
Is there a chance that you can help me to get my Grade5 back ??

Regards from Germany

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Pausing on a live server does not pause your flight. This only works on solo.

Unfortunately, it is your responsibility to be monitoring your device while descending. Violations may be appealed by contacting @appeals with your replay; however, as it is not a glitch that wasn’t your fault, there’s not much that can be done.


On the live servers, the paue button takes to the pause menu, yes, but that doesn’t actually pause the sim. Otherwise, people will pause in ATC controlled areas, and there would be this plane just sat there hovering. Also what @Thunderbolt said


Sorry to hear about he violations. As stated in the posts above you cannot pause a flight on a live server. You can only pause a flight in solo.


Man that sucks. I too got a level 1 violation for an over speed. No where near as bad, kept my grade 3. Unfortunately for you, you can’t pause a flight on live (won’t stop the plane from flying). Like thunderbolt said, you can message appeals and see what they can do for you

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Thank you Guys ,
Normally I can pause , even in the Live Mode , but for that I have to lock my iPad , this time I didn’t do that …:-( …I hope Infinite will help me …

Good flight :-)


Level 1 violations are not reversed. Just hang in there and it will fall off in a few days.

Don’t do that for too long though, you may end up being disconnected from your flight.

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