Speed violation warning - glitch?

Just took off from LROP in A320-200 from runway 08R. Climb out speed set to steady 195kts. Then used autopilot to increase speed to 220kts. Speed Violation Warning flashed on at top of screen, so abandoned flight. Since speed was never over 220kts, any idea what might have triggered the warning?

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Possibly it was due to the fact that if you change speed with the autopilot to a higher airspeed, it goes to max N1 to achieve that speed. So this has the chance to move you to a higher KIAS than 250 while trying to get you to the set speed. Ive noticed this more, though, when im trying to achieve a speed of, lets say, 245 KIAS. i quit doing this because of the inherent risk to overspeeding. Odd, though, that it happened if your desired speed was 220 KIAS.

Maybe that is why you got that warning?

Thanks. Sounds reasonable. I’ll watch that in the future.

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No problem, Robert. Happy to have (hopefully) helped

to help with this in the future try to climb not so much VS per min or manually throttle up then set your speed that usually helps me

That makes sense too. Thanks.

This should not be the case. The auto pilot is accurate enough to not go 40 knots over your desired speed. Has this happened more than once?

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Never happened before below 250 knots. Surprised me.


Honestly I think it may be a one time issue. Jut be careful and keep an eye on it. If it happens again then I think it would be worth looking more into

I had this happen at cruise only going .79. The winds abruptly picked up sending my speed indicator shooting 20-30kts simultaneously above and below my AP selected speed. This occurred at such a fast rate that I think the system was only registering the positive speed spiking. My warning horn sounded long enough that I decided to bail. Hasn’t happened since thankfully.

keep an eye out for the wind speed when you’re climbing, it can vary a lot a certain altitudes and perhaps the wind caught you off guard that might have been what happened sooo safe flying mate!! Always watch the winds and perhaps try to control your speed manually till cruise level. :)