Speed Violation Reported

IMG_20190325_052301 does anyone know this type of violation ?

*this screenshot I got from my friend

What plane were you flying

This could also just be a glitch

Cessna 208

I would recommend that he sends us a replay of the flight for people to better understand what happened and identify whether it is a glitch or his/her mistake.

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A simple speed violation. In airliners above 10,000 ft, if you go faster than 350 knots, you can get speed violations on Expert Server (maybe Training Server too, I’m not sure).
With smaller propeller aircraft, that overspeed limit is lowered even more. It may be 175 knots.
That’s probably what this violation is.

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But it looks like he is flying on 130 kts

Yes, but the warnings stay around until a few moments after you received them. He may have slowed down during that time.

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My friend fly cessna 208 at 300kts

There isn’t any point in sending this through on behalf of someone, they have only screenshot the innocent side ie not the fact he likely was over speeding. Send the replay over and we can judge it accordingly. No need to guess now we have replay.

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Each aircraft has their own limits. Please forward the replay to a Moderator if you think there is a system issue. Please keep in mind that replays will not show airspeed so it may be hard to determine.