Speed Violation Notifications

Many of us have experienced speed violations. They’re not fun. Sadly, most of the time, they are on accident. Whether caused by wind, or you just forgot to slow below Mach 0.87 while climbing to cruise. Thats why I think IF should implement a system where the game will send a notification to your phone, tablet, etc. That way, long haul flights, where you may be away from your device you are flying on for long periods of time, will be much much easier, and less stressful

How it would work:
This was just a thought that came to my mind, so I don’t have it fully worked out yet. But there could be a way where the system would know the winds for say, the next 100nm. If it detected that those winds may speed up you plane within the threshold of a violation, it would send a notification to your devices saying something like, ‘Winds within the next 100nm exceed ——-kts., and may cause your aircraft to over speed. Proceed with caution, and slow down to ——-kts. to avoid violations’

I think this would be a really cool feature to have. Let me know what you think…

Please PM me if this is already a request. I am really bad a finding other topics like mine. Thanks!

During cruise, winds don’t usually make a plane go faster, and it only goes up by 0.01 mach anyways

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Wait how can you overspeed during the flight? I have never experienced this.

But that’s the difference between no violation, and a violation…

Why would you be going at Mach 0.87 in an aircraft anyways, isn’t that a little fast?


Winds increase the Ground Speed. The airspeed (M.) stays the same. Winds will not make you get violations.

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I mean, you really shouldn’t be going that fast. A 777 for example, will cruise at M0.85. You shouldn’t have winds so much that you blow through 0.87/0.88

Guys… The airspeed doesn’t change with the winds.


Actually, it does. A headwind will give you a higher airspeed, a tailwind a lower airspeed.

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You mean ground speed?

Yes, it doesn’t only for altitude change (:

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If you have a tailwind, your airspeed will be lower, your groundspeed higher. If you have a headwind, your airspeed will be higher, your groundspeed lower.

Take a look at this:

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The first two sentences explain it all.

Sorry. Yes, I was getting confused with TAS

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Anyways I don’t think this is really necessary as like why would an aircraft be cruising at mach 0.87

Well… I believe you should monitor flight at climb/descend. Cruise should not be a problem for violations if you are being realistic and not flying at M.87.

Well, the thing is that you should fly the cruise speed, not fly at the edge of airframe limits. If you do so, then you won’t ever overspeed on cruise

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When climbing, don’t set the autopilot to max speed when you pass 10,000. If you want to cruise at M.85, set it to 318 IAS. That way, when you pass FL280, you’ll be at a safe speed. :)

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