Speed Violation - iPad Screen Frozen

Hi there,

I have received 3 speed violations just now and I have received these in the past before which were my fault, but this time my iPad screen was frozen and I could not adjust anything. Is there a chance these could be waived at all?

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Hmm, this sounds like it isn’t your fault. Could you send a message to a member of the Moderation team? They can help out a lot more than the rest of us can.

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Why did your iPad screen freeze - what iPad version do you have - what were your graphics settings.

If you have proof that the screen froze you can provide it to @appeals. Otherwise level 1 violations are not reviewed.

Three violations means your device was frozen over a minute.

Darn ok, I don’t have a screenshot or any proof to show them but I guess that is fine.

There’s no 17 inch iPad…

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