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Hi there, everyone.

So recently on a shortish hop from PHTO - PHNL I received a speed Violation whilst in decent.

Now I was instructed by ATC Approach to defend and maintain 10,000 feet, so I did, and when I was lowering my speed from 340 Kts - 220 kts I received a Speed Violation as my aircraft was experiencing turbulence and had a fall to 9992 feet whilst I was at 263 kts.

Now I was just wondering if this is a fair violation as I did have 10,000 set in my Autopilot, and so on.

Heres info and screenshot below (didn’t actually catch Speed Violation Message but you get the idea)

Callsign: Delta 6 2 6

Thanks for looking into this :)


Always set it to 10100 until you have good control over your speed.


Welcome! Unfortunately speed violations cannot be undone, however if you only received one , you should be able to fly an all of the servers.

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Okay, thanks for the information @sk28 and @HairlineAirlines, I realise I should’ve set it to 10100 and I can still fly but just 1 extra violation on the record :( I’ll live haha!


Yeah, no big deal. I have around 200 violations. (All from a few years ago) And I still fly on advanced daily.


340kts is far too fast to begin with. If I’m remembering correctly (it’s in the cockpit) the maximum speed should be 287kts at FL180 making a reduction to 250kts far more obtainable. Try a slower descent until your speed is under 250kts or briefly stop the descent at 10,100ft to slow down and continue. The dash 8 does not have spoilers adding a new challenge. Proper speed and a planned descent will help avoid that one. :)


I was at 340kts at 16,000 ft, probably still way to fast. Thanks for the tips!

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What FL should I be obtaining cruising speed at, FL200? FL300?

I typically cruise right in between those, around FL240-FL260 (depending on direction of flight). At that altitude 250KIAS will give you a pretty good ground speed.

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I just did an 747 flight in hawai off 1 hour and Iwas cruising at fl 270 and my speed was 300 always when I see that the atc is saying I need to descend to 12000 feet or higher and I am at that then I always start slowing down to 230 knots or slower so when he puts me down below 10000 I am under 250 knots I also have an website where you can find all the information about how fast to descend and all that stuff http://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Category:Aircraft

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I was flying a 787-8, I thought 250 Knots would be a bit slow? Is 250KIAS Knots Airspeed or Groundspeed?

Man, I’m so sorry… Must be past my bedtime! I could’ve sworn I read you were in a Dash 8. 😐

Anywhere from 290-320kts is a pretty good cruising speed. You’re mostly looking at ground speed as you get to your cruising altitude… At FL200 I may cruise at 310KIAS but FL300 would only be 260-290KIAS since higher altitudes will yield higher ground speeds even though your indicated airspeed is lower.

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Hahaha no worries, thanks for that!

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Always allow a little room for violations.

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I usually descend at 220 KIAS if I’m a little high.

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I welcome you to IF this has happened to me as well. I find it happens to the best of pilots. One thing I have learned is by the time the red warning comes up it is too late. If it gives you an orange one you can do one of two things 1. try and bring the speed down or end the flight before the red shows up. In the mean time keep flying and learning!!

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thats happened to me when I lost connection in the 787 so I had no winds and when I was slowing down a huge gust of wind came and I almost got a violation

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Why are we talking about KIAS and ground speed when we are talking about cruise anyways?

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I just cruise at 260kts TBH

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