Speed violation in Expert server

@Usman_A if you exceed 250kts below 10,000ft in a normal airliner/ GA aircraft, you will receive a warning and then shortly afterwards a violation.

Fighter jet aircraft are immune to this rule, however you are still expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner in an actively controlled airspace. IFATC have permission to ghost if you don’t.

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aight bois, here we got it. No violation he just asks for an explanation to why that is so. I think enough people did kindly explain why that happened. Job done

Got it thanks!

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No worries, glad I could help. Shame people were too busy rushing to type instead of reading and doing some research, we could have helped you sooner with less confusion 😉

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if you received a violation No they wont remove it.

Generally you can go faster than 250 KIAS as three people had said before BUT you can’t do aerobatics in or near the airspace I believe it’s below 10000’ MSL or you will get violations for aerobatics.

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Fighters are exempted from the speed restrictions.

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Fighters are immune to speed violations, but in a controlled airspace it would be better to stay below 250knt to avoid ghosting

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The 250kts below 10000’ violation doesn’t apply to fighters. ATC might have an issue with it in controlled airspace though

The issue was solved 8 posts ago…

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