Speed violation in Expert server

Strange I did NOT get speed violation for going over 260 IAS on takeoff roll with F-22 from PHMK yesterday in ES server.

I realised I was in ES when reaching FL50 and had to climb rapidly to over FL100 to avoid violation. However how is it possible to let me off with no violation. I can share replay for evidence if needed. It was not my intention to seek violation, I just forgot this was ES I was flying in.

P.s. Before I spawned I made sure I chose takeoff location 40+ nm away from controlled airspace to avoid distrupting PHNL traffic. My plan was to depart North East towards California.

Could be because you weren’t in a big airspace

for clarification, did u get a speed violation or a different violation?

Sorry I should have been clearer in the post. I’m talking about speed violation yes

Fighter jets are immune from the 250kts violation from what I know


Im not sure if u can get a speed violation in a F-22. ATC will surely punish fast speeds in an air space, but the game itself usually allows the F-22 to fly at 250kts+ IAS below 10000ft. The replay would be helpful to investigate into this

Wait so did you get a violation?

The title makes it seem like you didn’t receive any but the initial post makes it seem like you did

In IF, the speed violation is 260 knots. That’s likely why you didn’t get one.


First of all violations are granted at 260kts not at 250kts, even though 250kts the actual speed limit also on IF (there was a topic on this very recently).

Edit: Just saw at @AlphaSeven‘s post after I posted mine, sorry about that one!

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question remains if u got a speed violation below 10000 in the F-22 in controlled or uncontrolled airspace, dosent make sense to me rn, a clear docummentation of the case would help

I was doing 300-500 IAS right after takeoff roll

was there ATC active?

Ok guys this isnt getting anywhere.I might aswell share my replay file. who do I send it to for investigation?

Did you get a violation? Yes or no

I believe fighters don’t have the same speed restrictions as commercial aircraft. It would be pilots responsibility to maintain speed in controlled airspace.

read the post :)

Fighter jets aren’t subject to the typical 250 under 10,000 rule like a normal aircraft is. As far as I’m aware, the only way you would receive a ghost or violation is if an active IFATC hands it out to you.

This has also been mentioned by 2 other people. Perhaps if everyone stopped rushing to type a response and read past messages 🤷


The post makes seem like you did but the title makes it seem like you didn’t. That’s why I’m asking if you read my first post

reading again, are u simply asking how its possible to not get a speed violation with 260+ IAS below 10000?

Yes, that is correct.

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