Speed Violation glitch??

Hello community,
I just finished my 56 minute flight from Dublin (EIDW) to Leeds Bradford (EGNM) in a Ryanair 737-800. For some reason I got 5 violations and 23% penalty in that flight. I remember going 255 knots under 10,000 feet for like 10 seconds on accident and getting a violation, but I do not remember getting 4 other violations, and my face was on the screen enjoying the Irish Sea beauty and approach into England the whole time. I have referred to this topic but I am not sure if it will do me any good:

I do not have any screenshots besides 1 from my takeoff but since @Christian_Richardson was my ATC for approach, he might have one or two.


Are you sure you didn’t over speed on cruise? 255 for a few seconds will rack up a few, watch your speed captain!

It’s 250 knts for under 10,000…

His approach was fine I don’t know how he got 5 violations he wasn’t over speeding states the flight tracker

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For reason the game dosent give you an over speed warning until you go above 260 nor will it hit you with a violation

@Chief305 I am positive. My cruising speed was 345 knots at 27,000 feet. My eyes were on the screen the whole time.

I’m confused how you guys are getting these so called “glitches”. I have yet to experience a violation that I wasn’t aware of.


What were you in a rocket? 345kts… add some winds and your speed may bounce all over the place. That’s too close to the threshold.

Idk theirs a lot of issues at this point we will have to wait for the devs to put out a patch for most of them

Not sure how that could be…I never received a warning…and the highest I saw it go was 348 knots.

There’s no reason to have a 737 pegged out at 345+

Honestly, I don’t think there’s an issue with the system. As with many real world aviation related incidents, the general cause is pilot error. Its better to be 20kts slower than the speed limit. Give yourself that extra buffer.


Not even if the winds were barely blowing?

Well, I always go 345 knots and never have had this issue…

345kts indicated air speed…no. There’s no need to push that aircraft that hard. You can’t confuse this with groundspeed which will increase or decrease depending on the winds.

Then here is your issue. Do some research on the aircraft. They don’t buzz around at Mach .85 and what not.

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Hmm…well now I know, I just don’t see why this happened this time and not all the other times I have gone 345 knots.

My last comment. And this works for just about all aircraft that fly above FL280, (Not all). If you set your speed to 320kts. below FL280 it’ll hold you roughly at M.85 which can be on the high end of a cruising speed. 310kts roughly M.84. I have never surpassed 320kts IAS in any aircraft other than a fighter. Give this a shot next time you’re out and about, and you’ll soon realize 320kts/M.85 is plenty fast enough. 345kts is a bit crazy.


Cruise the 737 series at Mach .77-.81 😉