Speed Violation/Altitude bug


I‘ve been just flying around in South Korea on expert server. I was descending onto 10k ft and was at 260kts. As always the Overspeed warning showed up on my screen for a few seconds (2~3s) so i pulled up to a clearly higher alt than 10k ft, to not risk anything. The warning stayed on screen however still for 2 more seconds and I was already above 10k ft. Then after way too longtime it finally disappeared

After the Flight I‘be got 2 Violations from this!

That is a super super annoying bug which makes the message disappear super late even if u are above 10k ft. I behaved clearly right after the warning poped up, that’s why I request my 2 Violations to be deleted from my Profile as I won’t accept a slow response bug to add me those.

Thanks for taking time, here are shots of it:

Above 10k ft, this is where the message FINALLY disappeared but up to 10,050 ft I still saw it

Acc‘s Name is „IFX - Xones“


Which aircraft were you flying when you got violations?

DC OR MD11 clearly from the cockpit

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It was the MD-11 FedEx

MD-11 FedEx Cockpit yes

Sometimes 68 feet won’t make the cut between a violation or not. Next time take better precautions and descend more smoothly to avoid situations like these. Unfortunately, violations cannot be removed unlike ghostings. But hey, at least you can access the Expert Server.

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Yeah I still have acces to expert server but this still kind of makes me mad as its underserved Violations from basically only a buggy server

It’s not a buggy server. You got below 10K with speed of 260+ kts. That’s what it is.
Violated but fixed quickly doesn’t count.

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And what do you mean by “as always”?

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Not a buggy server or a altitude bug.

More than 10,000ft = 260 or more
10,000ft or less = 260 or less

There’s already a 10 knots buffer to the rule. The violations work exactly as their supposed to. You didn’t fix your speed as quickly as you stated or you wouldn’t have received the violations.

Tighten up your flying and you won’t run into these situations.

Blaming a “buggy server”, which is not the case, doesn’t help your argument.