Speed violation almost 4 hours later?

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First of all congratulations on your new update is amazing! Also me being a Beta tester…

My problem was my Flt from MMGL-PANK just after a few hours of leaving my iPad on autopilot w/ flight plan as soon as i came back from running an errand, i saw i had already 3 violations and including getting kicked off the game… there was zero issues until hours later… ill attach a screenshot…

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Can you look at your replay? Most of the time you can see when the violations hit. Depending on what your AP was set to it could have been on the bubble of the limit.

Hey Chris, it was on 0.92 and it i never let it go pass the red dot limit, for some reason when it turned it seemed to sped up… which bummed me there… in between Canada and Alaska…

There should be no reason why you should be setting your autopilot’s speed to Mach 0.92 in a commercial jet. It’s not really realistic in terms of how jets fly in the real world, and depending on winds, will cause you to overspeed. For this reason, I do not think the app is at fault for the violation(s) you received.

And since its a B748 Cargo… prob when the plane turned it cause the speed to go up… :/

That’s still not meant to cruise at M .92, as Thunderbolt said