Speed Up option?

Just vote. Continued from controversial debate on the Where’s Laura thread…[poll max=3 public=true]

  • Yes! We need a speed up option
  • No way!
  • In Solo yes, but in live no

I don’t support this if it was on live, just imagine having a peaceful flight and then a 747 passes right by you at Mach 1 when using the speed up option. In solo it could be implemented but very unrealistic because everyone would use it and for example in a 6 hour flight (London-JFK) they would just do it in like 2 hours.I think it would be better as a dev tool.

0.81-0.83 m is ok. We don’t need more.

This is a flight simulator. Not a time warping simulator. Not so sure what is difficult to understand about that.


Its already been said by Laura that there will be no time multiplier for consumer use. It aint coming.

So FSX is a time warping sim now?

Yes. It is. FSX was and will never be a great flight simulator. Look at the flight simulators used for training airline pilots. They don’t have time warping. Its not realistic. They sit in the sim for the 3-5 hours or however long the flight is in real life. End of story.


No they don’t… when training on new aircraft you only practice takeoff and landing. Do you really expect pilots to sit in sims for 14 hours at a time? In my opinion time warping should be allowed in solo and only solo


You realize he’s a commercial pilot, right? 😂