Speed Thing gone wierd?

What’s gone wrong with the speed thing on the right hand side?

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What do you mean? I don’t see a problem.

It changes to Mach after you reach FL280

After crossing FL280 (28,000) the speed goes from knots to Mach speed.


He means that the autopilot speed setting shows the speed in Mach instead of kts.

Oh. But that isn’t a problem.

So do I just descend?

It can be if you don’t know why it happened or what it means.


Just fly a Mach speed typically no higher then .85

This is normal. Above a certain altitude (usually around 25k-30k feet) airplanes rely on Mach number for speed. Normal cruising speed is about M.78-.83.

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Also every time I change it my game laggs?

What do you mean? When you change what?

The speed thing when it’s in Mach mode

You’d think it corresponds with your airspeed rather than altitude, right?

It shouldn’t lag. It should be a seamless transition.

You would. But it changes because your airspeed decreases as you get higher.

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Yeah, got it, thanks :)

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No like normally my game runs perfectly smooth but it’s acting like a pig

That’s weird. Is your connection good? It shouldn’t have anything to do with the speed.

For future reference its airspeed or airspeed indicator not ‘speed thingy’ :)

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