Speed so you don't have to maintain the level

On an approach, before reaching the altitude of the airport sector, what is the ideal speed you usually use so that you do not need to reach a fixed and have to maintain the altitude of that fixed. In this way, leaving the aircraft throughout the approach route with a descent VS.

I’m a bit confused in what you are asking. Are you asking what a good approach speed on final is?

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The ideal speed, as there are times when the aircraft arrives at a certain fix and maintains the altitude until it reaches the next fix and starts descending again. This at the time of the approach

If you are asking about a VS for continuous descent down to the airport from your cruise… it really depends, even in real life not all aircraft have a continuous descent… sometimes the preset altitude between two waypoints in your chosen star could be too less and the lateral distance too far for an continuous descent so you may have to level off. Using VNAV though will get you much closer to a continuous descent than manual descending in my experience.

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Also taking in mind that if approach or center is active they may want you to level off at a certain altitude before you start your descent again.

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Yes, yes!!!

Aware my good friend!

In that case I’d suggest using VNAV or if you want to go the manual way try using -1500 to -1000 VS. in case the lateral distance is too much you can even use -500 if you really want a continuous descent.

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I understood! Thanks for the tip.

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No worries. Glad I could help :)

The best way to do this is by turning off the VNAV and adjusting the VS manually with the help of the semi-circular marker that appears on the map. It indicates where you will arrive at the selected altitude, decrease the VS spends more time to decrease and so on.

I usually use this in my STAR’s and Approach’s as it allows me to descend gently between each waypoint, and not level and down more sharply (as with vnav)

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