Speed Showing When Stopped

I was on the ground with the Crystal 777-200ER, with the parking brake on at the gate, which I had just spawned in at. I noticed in the HUD that my airspeed was being clocked at 29kts, even though I was parked with the brake on and ground services connected, as seen in the screenshot.
Any ideas?

If you were parked heading the wind and the wind was 29kts - so will your air speed be :)


This has to deal with the wind passing along the airplane and clearly you are facing the wind so the IAS would say 29KTS.

I don’t think that was the case. There was a 3 knot (what would have been crosswind), which I know because I looking it up while trying to determine which runway to use for takeoff.

What he said. Airspeed is the air over your wings, so if there is a 10 knot wind, you’ll see a 10 knot airspeed. Ground speed is what you probably confused, that the speed you’re going over the ground.

What makes you say that?

But the crosswind (from where I was at my gate) was only 3 knots gusting to 5.

Can you send a screenshot of the HUD view, would be helpful.

Let me see… Give me a second.


If there is wind your airspeed will likely not be 0kts even though your not moving.

Your airspeed is the speed of the wind that goes through Pitots, what is using by planes to measure speed from the air.

Your ground speed is the speed you are moving from the ground regardless of the speed of the wind (or the air) that are hitting you

I understand that, but nowhere was the wind speed anywhere close to 29kts.

HUD screenshot, here you go!

Given this was on Solo and depending on what the wind speeds were when your last flight ended, it could also have been that hadn’t “corrected” the current speed from what you had in your previous session.

The last session was DAL-TUL, and if I remember correctly winds were completely still on my landing and taxi in.

Can you reproduce this or was it just a one time thing?

Not much more can really be said unless there’s a repro.

It doesn’t matter the airspeed will always not be 0kts even though you’re not moving the plane at all. I don’t know the technicality of this but that’s just how planes work. If there is 0kt wind then your airspeed will be 0kts. This isn’t a glitch this is how it is in the real world as well.

Let me try spawning in again, and see if the same thing happens.

The replay file HUD wind data is not the data you had in flight it’s the last wind update you got at your last online session, or the wind data you’ve entered manually on solo mode

I don’t recall having ever edited the wind speed. It must have been still from my online flight yesterday from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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