speed rules ATC

I would like to leave at each airport: maximum speed of 1- landing
2- track
3- taxi
would be good for new users and avoid infractions.

What are you requesting? We already have a max taxi speed. Aircraft have different landing speeds, and we already have a max airspeed under 10k feet.

Do you mean like a reminder at the airport about the max speeds?

if I want a warning before the red warning of infraction or some sign something in which to be able to be warned before the infraction, many times if you fly fast it takes to slow down

You do get a warning. You have about 10-15 seconds after that before you get a violation.

If you want to leave an airport, why do you want to know the landing speed?

What is track speed?

Normal taxi speed for an airliner is 15 - 20 kts. On long stretches a bit faster. Max taxi speed is 35 kts.

The more accurate you ask your question, the bigger the chance you get usable answers.


I know there are speeds, but like time, I like this information

What do you mean?

I mean come out, where we look at the slopes, the weather, atc

So you mean things like ATIS and METAR? We already have those in the game, though ATIS is only for Expert.

Everything you’ve said in this thread is already in game.

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speeds do not come out that’s what I want

Yes, you get warnings for Airspeed and Taxi Speed.

I’ve seen it, but I’d like it to come out, like time, for example, by clicking at the airport

So you don’t want a warning, and want to instantly get a violation?

what I say is an addition to that, to look at it, in an airport the landing speed will be different to others for example

Well, the ATC controller says how fast or slow you land. Plus, landing is pretty self explainitory,To fast, you overshoot it, to slow, you crash…

but better that one already has some guidelines to follow to go preparing the landing is an opinion nothing more

Well, pilots can check out #tutorials if they don’t know what they are doing.

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There’s a maximum airspeed under 10k. Everyone knows what it is. If a pilot can’t figure out how fast they’re going and what their altitude is, I don’t know what will help them out.

As far as landing speeds for different planes…that’s the characteristics of the plane, not the airport. What would you put on an airport that would assist here?

It sounds to me that instead of learning how to properly slow down or maintain awareness, you want a way to pass the buck to IF. We see this every day. “I wasn’t given a warning and then ten minutes to fix it” when the reality is “I didn’t properly prepare for a specific phase of flight because my only concern is how fast can I go.”

Everyone knows the restriction speeds. If you don’t, they’re in about 3000 threads on here. I would suggest flying on Casual and learning how to slow down properly, land at reasonable speeds on final, and not taxi like a maniac. There isn’t anything unique to each airport about these, so why would editing every airport in the world change anything?

You do have guidelines to follow. They’re all over the forum. If you blast through 10k at 340 knots IAS every descent, no amount of extra postings or neon signs are going to help.