Speed restrictions

I’m having trouble when I’m flying I get the speed restriction is 250 below 10,000 but in between 10,000 and 26,000 it lets me go 350 knots and if I go any higher the limit reduces and reduces and I was wondering why this is because when I’m flying transplant if I see planes going 500 knots and was just wondering why I’m not able to do so

Hi Lee,

What you’re seeing is the speed of other aircraft in the form of ground speed. This is different than what you see on your aircraft. When you’re flying along and you cannot go any faster than 350kts, this is the Indicated Airspeed. The higher in altitude you go, this Indicated Airspeed will decrease. The topic below will explain the different types of airspeeds that you will see here on Infinite Flight.

This topic will address exactly what it is you’re looking at.

This topic will cover the different types of airspeeds.

Hope this helps!



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