Speed Restrictions

Since there are only speed restrictions at certain airports IRL, I thought we could have this implemented in to Infinite flight. But, still have people in commercial airliners and fighter jets going above 310 KIAS under FL10 reported.

250kts below 10,000ft is a pretty universal rule, some controllers just temporarily lift the restriction in real life if conditions allow


The rule is not just in place because it is in the real world, the rule is in place in Infinite Flight to prevent someone at 340 kts requesting landing at 6k feet. Having a speed limit helps the controllers.

https://www.flyingmag.com/aircraft-speed-limits-explained I believe this at least applies in the US.


Instead of lifting the restriction, which is universal. Perhaps the developers could implement an ATC command as is in real world ops like:
“Callsign XXX, descend and maintain 4000’ Speed your discretion”
“Callsign XXX, speed is your discretion”
To do that, I supposed they’d have to it coded so that aircraft that have received that command would be exempted from getting a violation while in the particular airspace/under that controller.

I fear that if they were to do it, there would be pilots who would abuse the system somehow and ruin it for everyone.


@FBWFTW Corrrect me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that already in the game?

It is already in the game, but you get a violation if going over 250kts below 10k, even after ATC sends you that.

The commands are, yes; what I think he’s saying is that if an air traffic controller said that, then the aircraft could go above 250 knots with no violations.

@Aviator_Airbus as for the command-it’s there I believe but still a violation below 10K-it doesn’t lift the violation rule. As for the “speed your discretion” or “Free Speed” from listening to ATC-I find that it’s more prevalent in Europe to allow acceleration below 10K-generally for aircraft on the middle of a published IFR departure or arrival. As the article states, it’s 250kt in the Bravo airspace and controllers may not lift that. I’ve clarified this with a real world pilot-he says it’s not only not really done here in the US but it’s also against his airline’s opspecs. I asked about the arrival-not the departure. I’ve heard them lift a speed restriction only once on a departure and that aircraft was already at 8500’

Actually, speed restrictions do not apply to fighter jets. Depending on what is happening.

Yes. That’s exactly what I mean.

Occasionally pilots can go faster than 250 knots under 10000, but this is only for heavies operating at or near MTOW and if their flap retract speed is above 250 knots. If not, they are still subject to this rule. I have taken off in a 747-8 at MTOW and it can operate just fine at 250 knots without flaps.