Speed Restrictions

I know there is a speed restriction for all aircraft under 400. Is the same true for the training server and if so what is the proper procedure of reporting violators? I do have screen shots.

Speed restrictions are as follows.
35kts ground speed
250kts under 10,000ft
350kts above 10,000ft
(Note, these rules do not apply to aircraft in the fighter jet class as the restrictions were removed for said aircraft)
Violators will automatically receive a system violation. After Ignoring these warnings and proceeding to continue breaking the limit, pilots will receive a system ghosting.
I would not worry about reporting them.


It depends on aircraft type. Below 10,000 ft you cannot exceed 250 kts, however above that you can go up to 350 kts before overspeeding. Fighters have no speed restrictions however you should always remain in a safe speed range on controlled airspace to avoid ghosting by controllers.

You are seeing ground speed of other aircraft and comparing it to your airspeed. Apples and oranges

No this was a fighter jet buzzing me at 1000kts

I would ignore it. TS1 is unpredictable


But if a commercial airliner violates the airspeed restriction of 350 knots, they get violations, there’s no need for you to report them. If there is a commercial airliner you see with a groundspeed of 600 knots, they could still be under the airspeed restriction.

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