Speed Restrictions

Can some one explain plz why I can’t fly over 350 above 10000 feet. Thank you

Because that is the limit in real life.

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It is an in-game limit for speed to help stop any trolls or abusers from over-doing their speed and flying at unrealistic speeds. You shouldn’t require to go any faster.

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The reason is because you are looking at the airspeed which is a limitation. You can fly at a groundspeed much higher than that though once at a suitable cruising altitude. Remember that your Indicated Airspeed will decrease as you climb in altitude. Please take a look at the different speeds covered in the following tutorial:

May I also suggest not to confuse the speed you see displayed on other aircraft data tags with yours, as you are comparing a groundspeed and an Indicated Airspeed. More information on that can be found in the attached link below:


To add on to what has already been said, military aircraft do not have this rule.

It’s more about not exceeding the design speed of the aircraft. The Red Markers on your speed tape show you your max AIR SPEED for that aircraft at that height and temperature. As stated above and in the links the Ground Speed is what you see other aircraft are doing.

Posted in error, Max

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He’s asking about the airframe limitation placed on airliners as 350KIAS .89 Mach. You won’t find this one in any FAR. Possibly in the AIM under VNE.

He’s saying the limitation above 10,000. Not below.

It’s actually 250 kts, and like others said, it mirrors IRL restrictions.

@Brandon_Sandstrom @Cbro4… MaxSez: I stand corrected, brain fart!


It’s all good. Happens to the best of us.


He said above, not below

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