Speed restriction on crusing speed of an aircraft

I know there is speed limitation for 250kt below FL100 (10000ft). However, is there any restriction for 400FL below 550GS? I couldn’t find it any where on the internet. Or is it just original rule in IF?😑😑😑

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its a rule made by the IF staff to keep it realistic on expert and not have people going so fast

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It’s only a rule for Live :)


This is a speed restriction that has been added to the expert server, as we have hade many problems with pilots flying 600-1000GS on the expert server, and that pretty much made it impossible to vector then on approach. :) So yes, there is a 550GS rule below 40,000ft. :)

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There is no speed limit other than mach 1, most aircraft keep it at about 525 knots at the very most. Airlines do not fly at above 550 knots other than in a stiff tailwind in long cruise phases. I’ve been above 650 knots over the pacific before, it’s not impossible, but you need a massive tailwind helping you along.


Yes it is a made up rule to keep it realistic…

The real limit is determined by airframe structural limitations and is air speed based. New update includes overspeed warnings based on airspeed. A step in the right direction.


Okay, thank you for your info.
I guess that this is for air traffic control purpose. But, you know it is not realistic isn’t it? Or at least FDS doesn’t trusting players…

Yeah, I know. I heven’t flew on solo for while.

I heard that this is also applied to playground server from the current update (yet for IOS). That there will be warnings comming out!?

Current update has overspeed warnings that sound an alarm and display a message on all servers and solo mode. It’s part of the aircraft, just like altitude call outs occur on all servers and solo.

its not meant to be it was made cause we had problems with people going 800 ground speed while coming into approach airspace which made it extremly difficult on approach controllers so they made that to slow people down

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Yeah, I know, but isn’t it just need to activated in the airspace of the frequency?
(Just opinion)

Oh, okay. I understood. Thank you :)

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