Speed reminder to fighters

Fighters are limited to the FL400 speed restristictions. I had this happen on approach where a fighter was inbound at 1238kts. This is in addition to the speed warnings in the sim since some people choose to ignore them.

Pilots are flying way too fast on the Advanced Server. This is completely ridiculous and unnecessary. There is absolutely no reason why an Airbus or Boeing should be flying 600+ kts GS (Ground Speed) as well as it can make controlling a nightmare. Going forward, this will no longer be tolerated and will be subject to ghosting.

Here are the speed limitations going forward:
> - Any airliner or fighter flying below FL400 is NOT to exceed 550 kts GS (Ground Speed)
> - Fighters can fly at any speed ABOVE FL400.

If you are in a hurry to fly from one airport to another and want to fly faster than the speeds mentioned above, then fly on the Free Flight Server only.

Thank you for your understanding.