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Hi all, just got to address a small matter… Recently seen a lot of overspending fighters under the altitude. My word to the pilots of these fighters is that please, follow the speed rules on expert. Stay beneath 550kts.

The main point here is that ATC isnt dumb, we can see speeds and altitudes pretty darn easy. If you try and exceed the 550 mark in a fighter (and of course other aircraft) in a ATC filled region don’t be surprised if you find yourself being ghosted.

Avoid it all together and just simply follow the speed rules. Fighters may have powerful acceleration but it can be controlled underneath 550.

Remember, ATC aren’t dumb we view the whole region and all aircraft flying in it. (ATC won’t hesitate)

I don’t mean to come across rude, angry or anything that some would think I’m simply just reminding pilots about the restriction and how it applies to fighters.



Why? If I would fly FL600 mach 2.5 with my F22, I can’t ? ?


FL100 is the altitude ? ?

FL400 is the maximum altitude where these restrictions take place. ;)


oookay I understand now

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Don’t forget to hit ‘report’ if you’re flying too!


@Skylines Thanks a lot for this post. It was really necessary. Thats so enoying if they rush with over 1500Knt.

@Skylines…MaxSez: I seem to recall “Jet Fighters are exempt from IF speed Rules”. Pls correct me if I’m wrong! Lottas confusion on rules noted. Looks like it’s time for an IF NOTAM Category! Somebody should to do a Poll.


Fighters are limited to the FL400 speed restristictions. I had this happen on approach where a fighter was inbound at 1238kts. This is in addition to the speed warnings in the sim since some people choose to ignore them.

Pilots are flying way too fast on the Advanced Server. This is completely ridiculous and unnecessary. There is absolutely no reason why an Airbus or Boeing should be flying 600+ kts GS (Ground Speed) as well as it can make controlling a nightmare. Going forward, this will no longer be tolerated and will be subject to ghosting.

Here are the speed limitations going forward:
> - Any airliner or fighter flying below FL400 is NOT to exceed 550 kts GS (Ground Speed)
> - Fighters can fly at any speed ABOVE FL400.

If you are in a hurry to fly from one airport to another and want to fly faster than the speeds mentioned above, then fly on the Free Flight Server only.

Thank you for your understanding.


@Chris_S… Thanks for the clarification. (The extract provided should be posted for all to see in NOTAM Form not in some obscure location only accessible by key word search.). MaxSez…

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