Speed Reminder for the Expert Server

It’s been a while since this was discussed. Please refresh your memory on speed requirements for the Expert Server. Thanks!


With the new overspeed feature, only a peanut would continue breaking the limit.


I haven’t seen a single person going that fast on expert


Just today…

A fighter going 1300kts, but he was above FL400 so he was lucky.

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Very helpful, you could do this refresh with other limitations and information about flying on the Expert Server :)

Hey if fighters can fly at any speed, why did I get ghosted twice in 7 days for “speeding” outside of any airspace? This is a sincere question.

Sorry, disregard my last reply.

by the way, since it was pushed :
I am not a big fan of this, however I think it at leas tshould be kept real. A 747 8i is way faster in cruise as a 737 for example. This should be implemented. Also, what is the point in having the fastest Business jet ( CCX ) in the sim but dont let it go that fast?

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If you are flying at any speed well outside of active airspace I will probably not ghost you. I’ve handled fighters inbound at high speeds who slow down under 350 kts before getting within 50nm of the active airport. In my opinion, that’s no issue.

The real issue is speeding inside an active approach path. What our comes down to, in my opinion, is you need to slow down to the speed that all the other aircraft are at before expecting to be vectored in line.

I feel like there’s no reason to have this “notam”/rule

If people want to speed around, let them do it. There are speed requirements when you’re in certain airspace. As long as they’re being followed, approach should have no problem sending instructions to slow down before vectoring them in with other traffic. I always get myself up around Mach 2 and have no problem landing. Tower and approach try to get me on their frequency, but I’m high enough that I’m way out of their airspace. Once I descend to 180, I contact approach while I’m still descending and slowing down.

I think everyone realizes by now that if you’re going 800kts, you’re not going to be brought in to land. There’s no reason for the made up speed restriction

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Expert = Realism

Wanna speed → Training and Free Flight Server

Ok so now you want to talk about realism? Go right ahead and pull up the real speed restriction from the FAA. Now this is in Class E airspace that we’re talking about. Tell me, who (outside of the military) is going to tell the SR-71 pilots that they need to slow down for a made up speed restriction?

Today, Lufthansa A340-600, approach to Munich, pilot lost Grade 5 :))))

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Except…295 TAS isn’t the same as 295 IAS. ;-)

That’s ground speed.

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