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So this actually happens to me a lot on fpltoif.com but I keep forgetting to ask about it. I get how a speed profile works obviously but I don’t get why it wants me to go 320 in a CRJ-700 but then go .77 Mach and then on the way down I am suppose to be at .74 Maxh somehow even though it told me to be at .77. So obviously the speeds are off but even more then that, if I am going 320 and pass through FL280, it sill be around .82 Mach I believe. Is this messed up or am I missing something? Thank you!!


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If I recall correctly, it goes something like this:

Climb Profile

Fly at 250 knots below 10k, then fly at 320 IAS below FL 280, though do not exceed mach .77, then above FL 280 keep at mach .77 until reaching TOC, after that you can fly at your cruise speed.

Descent Profile

When you reach your TOD begin slowing down from your cruise speed to mach .74 until FL 280. Past that fly at 290 IAS, though don’t exceed mach .74. Then below 10k maintain 250 knots until you begin to slow down for you arrival


Awesome thsnk you! I have been flying on this for years and somehow I never new you didn’t have to stay at the Mach given all the way through cruise. So only to TOC?

Yup, these speeds are only meant for your climb and descent, they shouldn’t act as your cruise speed. I mean, there are times you may coincidentally be cruising at M.77 or .74, but it’s not cause of those speeds you showed in the pic

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