Speed problem

so as i was about to land at rjaa i set the speed to 175 and it kept on going up instead of descending which made me get 2 violations. if anyone knows the problem please help


Do you mean you set your speed to 175knts and it went up?

If so then you must have been descending too quickly, if that is so I recommend descending in steps. If you are a little late and have to descend quick, make a 360 or come of your flight plan to give the plane some breathing space.

Also, if you are not slowing down stop descending and extend airbrakes :)

my flight time was just 10 minutes with altitude of 2500ft and started descending with v/s of -800

This depends on the plane, VS rate etc. to solve this “problem” you should activate spoilers flight. Obviously to ease the spoiler to slow down make sure to slow the vs rate


i take Manuel when that happens

Hey, it’s recommended to use manual throttle on final,
this may be a problem of weight (too light), and the landing speed is way under 175kts… if you go faster than 180kts the plane will go up, try to mantain your plane stable with the speed on landing.
Tell me if i helped you👋🏻


If you are on final and trying to reduce speed while descending you will probably run into problems.

Think about the forces acting on an airplane.


Ignore the complex math but look at the lines of force. While in descent thrust and lift are adding to forward energy opposite of this picture. Lift is adding to overall thrust because lift is less than weight meaning drag is reduced via induced drag. You must be going slower to increase the induced drag, angle of attack, and stabilize your descent airspeed.

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it did thanks

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