Speed on the 777 fleet

so as i was descending to 10000ft i set the speed to 250 and when i did instead of the speed doing down it went up and got me 2 violations if anyone can help me i’ll appreciate it


You were probably descending too steeply, the 777 increases speed pretty quickly when you’re decending. Unfortunately, this isn’t an issue with the app so I don’t believe it can be reversed. I have also attached what was said on a topic about a similar matter.


i think that this is a common problem with the 777… hope that they fixed it in the 200ER

777 is fast boy and you gotta watch him…


my v/s was -1500

i guess you got a very strange descent, if you don’t have spoiler on “flight” or something the speed will increase very fast

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okay thanks

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no prob, just a top :)


The 777 speed is quite slippery. It’s happened to me before and I learned from it. Now I set my altitude to 10,100 so I don’t descent through it completely, in case I leave my device even for a sec. Then I slow down to 240 and deploy spoilers if it speeds up again

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The 777 is a slippery fish, as many people have said in the process of me typing this reply spoilers are necessary during most of the descent in Infinite Flight and in real life.

The difference between real life and in Infinite flight is that we do not have the option to put out more spoilers in flight. The picture above shows a 777-200ER with spoilers up in the descent to keep the speed at bay. Look at that outboard spoiler, pretty high and able to produce much more drag. Now compare that to how high the spoilers go up in IF. That is why you have to be careful when descending with the 777 in IF.


preciate it

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The B777s are a very slippery bunch, even in real life. The photo by @Captain_Finck depicts this well. You need to be extra vigilant about the speed throughout the decent in these aircraft, especially the -200s. In fact, I usually leave the spoilers on flight mode just up til my final approach after establishing in the ILS.

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It also depends on your load. If you have a heavier load, it tends to be a bit easier to maintain speed during descent, but obviously this will change depending on your route, weather, etc. But I almost always use spoilers during descent on the 777. You can also try a slower descent to maintain speed, but just make sure to start it earlier to be able to descend to the proper altitude in time.

777 planes in real life also have a quick decent they use a lot of spoilers to get the speed down start a steady decent at 100 nm out and set you’re speed way down to 200kts so that it goes far under 260kts.

I was landing today in the 777, and i was on final at 180 knots with an aircraft on short final ahead of me, and i was instructed to maintain slowest practical speed.
The 777 couldn’t slow down with thrust on 0%, spoilers on flight and flaps on 20°. I had to leave before i was ghosted lol. And i made sure my aircraft was below MLW.

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If you’re at 180 knots, you can extend landing gear since it’s below VLO.

Have to watch the speed it increases fast i use spoilers as needed and works fine

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