Speed on FlightRadar24

I was just watching some ordinary commercial airliners on my FlightRadar24 app, and they were shown to have speeds in the 400-500 kts range. But in IF, I rarely fly, for example, a B777 over 280 kts.

What’s the explanation for the discrepancy? How can ordinary commercial jets be flying at 480 kts? My experience in IF suggests that’s way to fast.

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You’re talking about two different speeds here. You would typically never go over 280 KIAS (airspeed) in a 777. However, FlightRadar24 doesn’t show airspeed, it shows ground speed. Ground speed is usually around 400-500 knots at a regular cruising altitude (>FL300) while the airspeed may only be ~250 KIAS.


I see. Thanks for the explaination. I figured it was something like that.

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