Speed limits for AC130

I searched the forum for speed limits on the AC 130 since I didn’t get a warning when I touched 260, thought it was broken 😆. What I saw is there isn’t a limit for the AC130? Wondering why? I can understand the fighter jets due to maneuverability, but can’t understand the bigger planes. Is it do to military classification? Only curious.

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The C130 doesnt have a speed warning below 10,000 feet. With that being said, dont be flying 300 knots with active ATC around an airport.

I don’t think it has a speed limit because it is a military aircraft (don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure).

To my understanding, yes it’s due to its military classification and its use for operations that a normal aircraft couldn’t complete. I’ve heard people describe pilots who fly the AC130 say they fly them like trucks. It doesn’t sound like you plan to do the following, but I’ll say it anyway… All this being said, it’s not a good idea to fly an aircraft at such high speeds through controlled airspace under 10,000 feet MSL as this will more than likely result in an ATC report.

I hope that this sheds some light on it, others might have more information than I do on it.

The KC10 is a military aircraft but yet has a speed limit

That’s because it’s only a livery of the DC-10F, not an entire plane.


Wasn’t planning on it. It also doesn’t have the over speed at 350. It just seemed odd to me.

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