Speed limits at certain altitudes (around FL280)

There are speed limits below 10,000 ft which I understand is normal, but when I climb higher than 28,000 ft the speed limit goes to around 270kts or something, and if I climb even higher to about 32000ft the speed limit goes even lower, not sure if that’s just me or if it happens to everyone… If it does please can someone explain to me why this happens? Thanks.

That’s due to the different kinds of speed and the way they vary with air density:

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It’s because your reading indicated air speed you ground speed would still be increasing if I’m not mistaken I think it’s because of thinner air at high altitudes

No speed limit in IF other then taxi speed is derived from ground speed. Please make sure you are offering accurate information when answering a question.

There is a speed limit under 10,000 feet which is 250IAS with Jets, it’s less with GA. The OP is asking about the speed limit which there is. Please read the OP’s question thoroughly.

Have a look this one

In the end the limiting factor of speed is your aircraft itself

Read it those speed limitations don’t come from ground speed hence my comment to you. Providing inaccurate information to the OP’s question isn’t going to help him gain the correct understanding. The 250 KIAS restriction is there because it is in real life, above that it’s solely an airframe limitation. The GA aircraft such as a 172 can’t reach 250 KIAS prior to reaching there airframe limitation which is why it’s lower.


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