Speed limitations when flying 36,000+

Hello everyone. I’ve just made it to grade 2 and I’m currently flying from KJFK to EGLL. I’ve reached 36,500 ft. and I was holding at a speed of 280kts. I am aware that you can get violations for overspeeding too long and I was wondering if that same violation criterion disappears at +36,000 ft?

Nope. The over speed limit for commercial aircraft still applies at 36,000ft

Actually the speed limit changes the higher you go. It also changes per aircraft.


@Golden_Pheonix: Alright, thanks
@Chris_S: I saw that, as I know the standard 10,000ft speed limit is 250 or so, and it kept rising.

Keep your eye on the “barber-pole” on your speed tape (left side of the HUD). Where you see the “red tabs” these are the max speed for that particular aircraft at that particular height.

Keep your airspeed at least 10kts below the red tab and you will be fine.


Alright, thanks for the tips

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