Speed limit?

Hi guys I am new member of IF. But now I have Come to grade 3. Today when I did fly from Los Angeles to San Diego. I get The speed limit violation. I know you cant fly over 250 knots upp to 10000 feet. But where is The rules how can I see how high and fast I can fly? And should I look att groundspeed or air speed? Best regards


Fly under 250kts AS (Air speed) under FL100 (10,000ft).

Fly under 550GS (ground speed) under FL400 (40,000ft). :)


The bottom bar has info you can change.

Thank you. But where can I see that rules? And whats difference between
air speed and groundspeed ? //

Den 5 aug. 2016 23:02 skrev “Mats_Edvin_Aaro” <

Ground speed is your speed across ground. But since air is thinner, less air will travel over your wing at high altitudes. So the speed of the air traveling over your wing is called airspeed, and will typically be slower than your ground speed in air. :)

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