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I’ve heard that the speed limit while flying under FL400 is 550kts, but what if I end up having tailwinds that make me exceed the speed limit while cruising? Will I still receive a violation from it? I want to do a long haul flight on expert soon but I’m too afraid to receive a violation for that reason because of tailwinds…

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To my understanding after global that limit isn’t enforced anymore. 250 below FL100 and 340 until FL280 I think…someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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Since the launch of global, the 550kts Groundspeed rule was removed. Like you mentioned, the tailwinds would cause us to exceed that. With that being said, you are not limited to a specific speed. You’re only limited to what and how far your aircraft can fly.

Couple rules of thumb:

  • Don’t fly an airliner faster than M.87 (Flying .87 will keep you well below the red tape and will prevent you from receiving any overspeed violations)

  • Feel free to fly a fighter jet as fast as you’d like. But do so responsibly. Don’t go buzzing other aircraft, and don’t fly 800kts when you’re in contact with ATC. When you’re with ATC, fly a speed that your average aircraft would fly at those altitudes.


@DeerCrusher Is the red tape aircraft spacific? For exaple can a C-Citatation go faster than an old DC-10 at cruse?

Maybe that will answer your question?

I would like to mention something, there no way to say to all flyng pilots during events (from the ATC) to keep 250 tks below 10 000’ until atc instruction ?

Sometimes, they slow down too much and I get out of schedual on my flight preparation…

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Let me see if I can help answer that. Matter of fact, I’ll dm you.

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What happen if atc instruct you to go above 250 knots below 10,000 feet?

They really wouldn’t.

Expert ATC would never, as they are well informed of the rules, and, on top of that, they don’t have specific speed instructions. All of the instructions, like maintain slowest practical speed, or maintain best practical forward speed, they state that it must be “practical.” Going 250+ kts under FL100 is really not “practical.”

There’s your magic word.

Yeah, expert atc wouldnt do that but in training there are a lot of noob atc that told me to go 270 knots at 9000 feet and i didnt know what to do…

@william, essa foi boa héin. Acho válido!

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Well, use your judgment…

There is an “unable” button right there, but it should only be used when you’d crash into terrain, break the rules, or be at a speed not recommended for your aircraft.

I’m not quite sure as this has never happened to me… would anyone care to elaborate? Thanks.

Oh yeah i forgot about the unable button… sorry if i ask a dumb question… :)

No problem! If you have any more questions, just PM me or check out the #tutorials section.

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