Speed Limit

I’ve been thinking why is the speed limit is 350? while a real normal plane can fly 500kph or more

This response explains it all. Feel free to review it for yourself and have a happy holiday


Hey there! Please see this post

Looks like your getting the indicated air speed (IAS) and ground speed confused.

Side note: all speeds in IF are in terms of knots. 1knot is equilvilent to 1.15 MPH or 1.85 kph
Speeds above FL280 are given in Mach (percent the speed of sound)


You guys are talking about KIAS, if an airliner goes 500 KIAS im sure the wings would shear off from the pure flutter whilst going on those speeds. You would have to go full throttle and on a nose dive.

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Ok so that explains it all.

Might be good to know that any aircrafts speeds are measured in Knots (kts). Kilometers per hour is kind of irrelevant.

Other than that, read the topic @Dhops linked. (And i apparently missed that he already mentioned the knots thing… oh well)


I know that when I post it and because I am used to it
so not a problem also I respect your comment

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