Speed limit violation

So i was climbing to cruising altitude of 29,000 but then after climbing up past 10,000 , the red dots indicating the overspeed zone, they were constantly coming down as i climbed, I had to go above the limit to avoid stalling, but when I decend the limit goes back up again! Can anyone help??

This should be in #live

Please specify more details :)

What aircraft were you using?
Weather conditions?
How heavy was you aircraft?
What was your rate of climb (V/S)?

I got a 230kt limit when i was flying FL430

Well,he’s talking about live

I wouldn’t call it a support question quite though, as it’s not an actual issue. Suspecting his climb rate was waaay to high.

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How were you going to stall ? You were going 350,unless you were climbing with a high VS.

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He was between FL190-290 :) Go back to bed!

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Load: 54%
Vertical speed: 3500 fpm
Wind: 3 kts

Weight and balance ?

Can’t remember the exact weight but the load was 54%

When i got to cruising altitude it still kept decreasing until i was flying 220 kts at FL290

Because you are climbing with a high rate off climb and your weight is heavy,you can reach FL43 if your light.

Thank you! You are a good help

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Right, so i have tried again in an A321 climbing at 3000 fpm to a cruising altitude of FL210 then reducing vertical speed to 2000 fpm at FL110 then to 1000 fpm at FL160 all the way to the cruising altitude and the red dot speed warning is still sitting at 350 , is this right?

When the red dots appear on the IAS then your going to fast. It’s all pretty self explanatory do a little research on the aircraft your flying and I’m sure you will find your answer.

This is about the 1000 post on this I’ve seen. I’m not attacking op but people need to do research before complaining. This is a real phenomenon. Pilots call it the coffin corner because as you get higher, the limit between stalling out andoverspeeding the aircraft decreases. I belive the U2 had like 9 knots or something crazy like that between stall speed and overspeed.


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