Speed limit on each altitude.

It’s 250knots below 10,000Ft then 10,000ft and above it’s 350knots. What about 32,000ft. Do you go as fast as you want according to the limitations of the Aircraft or what exactly? And what’s the fastest Aircraft in the sim. I kept on the Cessna citation for so long that I forgot what’s what.

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Most airliners will cruise between M.85-M.87

This depends. Are you in a rush? If yes, then you probably want to kiss the redline. Keep in mind, you’re more susceptible to violations should you stay in this overspeed range for too long. If you’re not in a rush, and looking to fly real world speeds, then googling the aircraft you plan on using will be a good option to determine what speeds that aircraft is capable of flying.

The F22 is the quickest aircraft currently.


Under 10000 ft 250 kt. Free above.
In Infinite Flight I didn’t fly over 30000 ft because ground speed decreased!!! as much as I climbed over 28000 ft (depending of winds but should be fixed).

While smaller airliners fly slower:

A320family around M.78
A220family M.78-M.80


In the real world of aviation, there are many rules about speeds at certain altitudes in certain spots.
For example, a STAR (Standard Arrival Route) or SID (Standard Instrument Departure) might have a maximum speed for a segment between 2 waypoints.
Also, in the U.S., an aircraft cannot go faster than 200 knots indicated 2,500 feet AGL when the aircraft is within 4 nm of a Class C or D airport.
There are many nuances like these, and they also vary based off of country.
However, if you are just referring to Infinite Flight, the only speed rule is the at or below 250 KIAS when you are below 10,000 feet MSL.

Speed limits don’t apply to fast jets or C-130s, even in IFATC controlled airspace. This isn’t an excuse to be stupid though. If you’re flying at excessive speed in IFATC airspace you can be ghosted without warning.

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