Speed Limit changed under 10,000ft?

Hey, I just happened to noticed that the maximum speed limit has changed to 260kts under 10,000ft and wanted to know why the change was made? Has there been a shuffle with the speed limit under 10,000ft in the real world as well?


Yes, not sure exactly why they changed it, but I theorize it was because people might have been getting a LOT of violations if their speed even slightly increased above 250kts, due to something like a sudden wind change, or something to that effect.

As a general rule though, it’s good to keep your speed <=250kts to avoid any complications with violations :)

As for the real world, 250kts is still the speed limit under 250; but remember that this is IAS, not GS… and there is bound to be some inherent deviation at some point f they have the A/THR set to 250kts.


I happened to hypothesize that as well! But I’ll stick to my usual 240kts below 10,000ft. Thanks for the quick response


For as longest time I can remember, it has always been 260+ knots when you start to receive violations for exceeding the speed limit. Kudos to you for not exceeding it and never realising the 10-knot leeway Infinite Flight gives you.


It hasn’t changed since I joined live, it always has been >260 = violation

I believe you’re incorrect there. It always used to be 250+ knots and above (say around 252kts onwards) where you would start receiving warnings for overspeeding under 10,000ft hence why a lot of users used to complain about the fact that though they set their autopilot at 250kts, the aircraft would sometimes exceed that limit by a small margin and end up giving them a violation

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It’s been like this ever since i started playing last year. I only warns you at 260

If that is the case, it could probably be that the change may have come into effect since the A350 update

Oh no it was like that before it, I played before the a350

Alright I’ll take your word for it…Been on Live for about 3-4 years now and can assure you that 250kts was the limit but they must have changed it somewhere in between and I may have never noticed

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It’s kinda like a “grace” period in the speed limit, where if you accidentally go above 250 you can still save yourself from Violation. I remember it being there when I joined almost 2 years ago.


Haha I only happened to notice this “grace” period in the speed limit about two months ago and it just happened to strike me again today and made me curious as to why it was done lol

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This is 1000% correct. In real life, the speed limit is 250kts below 10,000ft. In Infinite Flight, that is simulated. Don’t fly faster than 250kts. In IF they changed it to 260kts for leeway but still don’t go over 250kts. You won’t want to be going that fast on approach anywsy.

Here’s a video you might be interested in about speed limits of aircraft in real life by Mentour Pilot!

That might be useful!
Hope this helps.


Haha I’ve already happened to see the video already but it could be useful to the rest who happens to see this thread and your reply. Thanks for sharing anyways!

Oh okay, no worries!

You remember it wrong, nothing refrains you from flying 259kts without getting a violation. The bar for the violation warning was always set at 260KIAS

It really depends on when you joined live…If you’ve joined recently over the last few months or just over a year (assuming that this 260kt speed limit was put into effect a year ago), then I guess you may have not seen the 250kts limit when it existed…For clarity, you can also find existing topics regarding the speed limit being 250kts or users being ghosted due to going over the limit from last year

The speed limit of 250kts below FL100 still exists. It’s just an extra margin to avoid violations.
Please keep the speed below 250kts especially when you flying in a controlled airspace

I’ve been playing since summer 2016 and I know what I’m talking about.

What I’m saying is that you won’t get violation when flying under 260KIAS and it always has been like that.

Ita been 250 for a couple of years and just noticed it about 3 months ago. I usually go 225-235kts

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