Speed Issue

Does Infinite Flight have some problem with maintaining speed. ( Is there a calibration issue with my account)

I am at .85 but going to .86 but the guys in front of me with same flp of mine are going smoothly at .85. is this an issue with my account?


It’s probably an issue with the winds.

And. It could be because of the weight of the plane.

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We all are at the same weight

Facing this since the past 2 days

Probably the wind just changing

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It’s wind. When this happens, just set your Autopilot to whatever it needs to be to be going 0.85. This means you may set it to 0.84 or 0.86.

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But why isn’t the wind effecting the other pilots flying with us

Bc they are 14nm and 34nm away, so different wind conditions (most likely)

When they were 14 nm before me they were still slower

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