Speed issue

For two consecutive flights I have been issued different speed vioations. The problem is that for some reason the speed continues to increase and I cannot control it although I have tried to decrease it. First flight was with a320 aircraft; second flight was with B738. I had no choice except to cancel both flights. But, unfortunately, I got the violations issued.


Was the speed autopilot on? If so, what speed was it set to?

Were you climbing? Or were you already at cruise?

Can you share your replay from the flight?

No, it was not.

I was climbing at 1300 ft/min

Your speed will change based on your altitude. Setting it to 300 kts is different at 12000 than it is at 20000. This may result in over speeding. The best thing to do is not leave your device until you are at cruise so you can evaluate what the speed limits are of your aircraft given the altitude.


I was at the device. I was doing it manually.

Next time, set the autopilot or perhaps slow down. In a narrowbody, you shouldn’t be exceeding 300-310 knots airspeed at any time.

Are you able to decrease your speed at all? Try putting your throttle on idle, pitching up more, or just using spoilers.

Will try that. Should I reinstall app?

No this is not sounding like an app issue.

It’s not an app issue, it’s more of an issue of how you manage the plane. You should use the autopilot and set it to a reasonable speed to stay at your desired speed and avoid speed violations.

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300 - 310 ias?

@Capt.Ortiz if you are in a 737/A320 I wouldn’t exceed 300IAS in climb/descent or cruise. You should cruise at M.77-M.81

Sure. I always go between .78 - .81 at cruise. Thanks.

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Are you not able to slow down at all ?

Nop. I restarted my device twice to see if this helps.

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That sounds weird to me.
Does this happen at climb?

Yes. I will try a new flight on solo or casual server just to make sure it works.

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