Speed issue while taking off at NZIR

Hello there!

Earlier today, I decided to fly out of the brand new 3D McMurdo Station Ice Runway (NZIR) using a Boeing 777-200ER, but a strange situation happened.

First of all, have to say that I found odd that the runways and apron area are so far away (about 6.5 NM) from the ‘blue point’ that indicates the airfield location.

When I was trying to takeoff on 11, the real issue happened: as I reached speed over 35 knots, I got two speed warnings (?!), even though I was inside runway area.

Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max
Operating system: iOS 15.6

In order to avoid a violation, I immediately ended the session and decided to fly out of a different airport. 😔

I’ve flown to other airfields in Antarctica [like Troll (AT27) and Rothera (EGAR)] and this has never happened to me.

Would be this a glitch - or a bug - for that airfield specifically?
Has anyone gone through something like this?

Safe flights! ✈️


This is a known issue and the devs are aware of it. It will be fixed in due course.

I’m unable to find anything to supports that. Source?


I don’t recall this being reported before publicly, but at least the team has noted this internally some days ago. When it’s fixed, it will be included in a future update.


I’ll have this fixed for the next update. :)


Thanks a lot!! 😄


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